Whatsapp Bulk Software and Channels

Whatsapp bulk software and platforms have become a norm in digital marketing. Because of this, a lot of sellers out there are trying to make a fast buck and exit the markets. DO NOT fall into their traps!!

Whatsapp Marketing Software platforms

Yes there are! In fact, there are more than you can imagine because there are a lot of sellers are only trying to earn fast money and then disappear. Most of them are least concerned about your business and you will notice this whenever Whatsapp updates their system.

Who are the fakes?

When you buy anything from these Whatsapp bulk software providers, you need to find out if they are new. Work only with the established ones (of which there are only one or two in the market).

  • Too much information – What you need to lookout for is whether the seller has a good track record. They will use Youtube to tell you how genuine they are but they DO NOT say much about how successful they have been. These are pure fake jobs.
  • Payment – Genuine sellers will give you a lot of options when it comes to payment because there are money-back guarantees. If they ask you to pay using money transfer via Western Union, run away!

Problems with Whatsapp Online Panel

Most sellers will give you access to a Whatsapp Online Panel. These interfaces can be easily obtained which allow you to manage your messaging campaigns online like a web-based SMS program where you can import your address book. Such applications will only be able to deliver a maximum of 60% of the total. The idea is simple.

Whatsapp Channels and limitations

Each Whatsapp Channel can never accommodate hundreds of recipients but these providers will tell you that they can. What actually happens is that they resell  the channel after selling to you. If you are using the services from these sellers, that is the risk you would have to take.

Whatsapp Channels – Why are they not working?

Each Whatsapp Channel is mapped to a specific sim card. This is where the channel is used to send messages with an actual number. While that is possible, not every country makes it so easy for you.

  • Each channel or sim card can only be used by the owner. They can only be used once and are usually hashed or encoded.
  • There are limitations on where you can use Whatsapp channels
  • You cannot use Whatsapp channels in China because this app has been banned there
  • Indonesian Whatsapp channels do not last very long. They can be used for a few days or even only for a few hours
  • India has a large market because a lot of resellers there sell their numbers for channels
  • Because of currency, it will be too costly to buy channels in the US or UK
  • If there are sellers who want to sell Whatsapp channels via social media like Facebook or Skype, DO NOT AGREE!. 99% of them are unscrupulous sellers and conmen!!
  • You can use your own sim card to build your own channel but that would be too expensive

What would be the way forward?

You don’t need to buy a cow if you only need milk! Look for the established ones in the market. There are only 1 or 2 left around. This is because at last count (end 2016), there are too many fake sellers out there. Buyers do not trust them anymore.

It is too expensive to enter the market yourself or manage your own Whatsapp channels as you might be buying fake services. No point wasting thousands of dollars and getting nothing in the end.

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